Service Philosophy

The delivery of outstanding service is engrained into the firm’s culture and present in our core values. Our philosophy is simple and has remained the same for the past 30 years and incorporates the following elements:

Responsiveness. At Maselan & Jones, P.C. you can expect to have your tasks performed on time and calls returned promptly.

Communication. In order to serve as our client’s advocate, we must listen carefully to their needs and duly respond to them. Communication is key to maintaining client satisfaction.

Expertise. We continuously grow our expertise in the areas of our core competencies, providing our clients with the highest quality service. By encouraging our attorneys to continue their legal education throughout their careers, we are not only able to maintain our high level of expertise, but continue to add to the intellectual capital of the firm.

Proactive Approach. Our commitment to our clients does not end when a task is complete.

Positive Experience. In all our relationships, we strive to be respectful, courteous, and honest at all times.